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Welcome to the Bedford Christian Singles group for Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. If you're a single Christian living within reach of Bedfordshire, and you'd like to socialise with others, please have a look around the site.

We are a voluntary group and we hold events about once or twice a month. The age range of the group is mainly 30s, 40s and 50s with a few older and there is a healthy mix of men and women. It costs nothing to be added to our mailing list and our events are free except where there are obvious costs such as food or room-booking.

If you'd like to receive regular details about our events, please contact us on to be added to our mailing list.



Just to say that the Christian Connections conference on Saturday 5th October with David Pullinger speaking was a very inspiring and enjoyable day. If you missed it, he and Christian Connections are putting a book together with details of the survey results and his speech which we thoroughly recommend when it comes out.

The main Christian Connections website is here: If you are interested in BDSM dating - go to


Church backing and other links:

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